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Kyoto-Yodobashi is Large- scale Appliance Store.
In addition, this Shopping facility combines a Restaurant and Clothing stores.
There is near from our INN and Kyoto City Subway.

Kyoto Tower
Kyoto is construction of high-rise buildings have been regulated.
However, " Kyoto Tower " is an exception.
Kyoto Tower is imagined to be a lighthouse which illuminates
the town in Kyoto without the Sea.

This is the first aquarium in Kyoto.
Kyoto is far from the sea , but it is a natural rich town of the river.
You can see a lot of the aquatic organisms that was nurtured by
Nature of Kyoto.

Higashi Honganji Temple
Higashi Honganji, officially known as Shinshu Honbyo,
is the mother temple of the Shinsh? Otani-ha branch of
Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhism), whose founder is Shinran (1173-1262).

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