What time is curfew? What do I do if I past the curfew time?
Curfew is 23:00. Please ring the doorbell after 23:00.
If until 24:00, We will unlock the front door.
What time is use time of the Bathroom?
18:00~23:00. Not available in the morning.
You can use for 30 minutes, if you stay by 1 room 2 or more guests.
What time is use time of Shower room?
16:00~24:00 & 6:00~9:00.
Do I need a reservation to use the Private Bath?
No. We ask about your use in order from those who return to INN after 18:00.
Is it possible to leave my baggage before the check-in or after check-out?
< Before Check-in > From8:00 < After Check-out > Until 22:00
* This inn is closed until 16:00 from 12:00.
If you come in this time zone, please contact us in advance.
May I request the Breakfast?

Yes, Please contact us the day before.
* 6 meals limited, Accept 2 or more guests. 1,500yen per guest.
* There is also a day when we can’t prepare breakfast.

Is there a Laundromat at INN?

 There is not in hall. However, if you have a small amount, wash it yourself and give it to the staff, it will be dehydrated with a washing machine, so you can dry it in your room

Is there a parking lot?
There is no parking lot . Please use the nearby Metered Parking.
In morning, What time can I go out this INN?
It is desirable to be going out from 7:00,
but I think that you have a plan to take train / get on airplane.
Please tell us in advance such case. We will correspond as much as possible.
For other requests.
Please tell us. We will correspond as much as possible.